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What is MSH !ndustries about?
In a word, ACHIEVEMENT. MSH! provides resources and tools to help you accomplish all of your goals and live the life you want to live.  Life is about experiences and creating your own story, your own legacy.

Who is Brandon? 
Hello there!
I am Brandon Johnson. I live and have lived in Colorado most of my life. I have moved away and handful of times and this place always brings me back.

I started my career, after I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, as a basketball coach. I moved to Utah as an Assistant coach at a university and had a realization that the coaching life wasn’t for me. So, I moved back to Colorado to find another path.

Using athletics I found I was able to get a Master’s Degree paid for so I moved to Corpus Christi Texas and received my graduate degree in Education Leadership and Research. Here I had my first taste at professional development working with school districts and teachers.

It was also here I got my first taste in personal development. I met a life coach who was doing great things and inspired me to do the same. I was privileged to be deliver a presentation at the first ever TEDx Corpus Christi Event. (It wasn’t very good, but you can see it here)

This site is a testimony to me and my life.  It is about experience, trying things, chasing dreams, failing, trying again, and always growing. I am a work in progress and love connecting with people that feel the same.

I am not good, even terrible, at a lot of things.  There are somethings I am really good at though and  I want to share those things with you!

  • Resourcefulness – I feel like there is not anything that I cannot learn or find.
  • Assertiveness- almost to a fault. I am sometimes to aggressive, but people know what I want.  And sometimes I even get it.
  • Achievement – I set a goal to become a college coach – I became a coach.  I set a goal to give a TED Talk – I gave a TEDx Talk. I set a goal to see the world – I moved to Italy to teach English and ended up backpacking Europe for 3 months instead. I set a goal to become a consultant and professional coach –  I got a job with the state of Colorado as an Organizational Development Consultant. Very rarely do I not, in some aspect, experience or achieve a goal I set.
  • Speaker – Give me an audience and a microphone.  I love being on stage and in front of people.

What I share are things that I find in my research that have helped me. I give my spin and take on them based on my story, my perception and my experiences. I hope that they help you on your journey of creating your story and your own experiences.

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