The most fundamental tool for successful goal setting is the creation of SMART goals. You probably have plenty of goals that you want to accomplish, but sometimes those goals seem overwhelming or you don’t know where to start.  The SMART method is a great place to start.  SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound.

Specific–  What do you want to accomplish?  Be as detailed as possible.

MeasureLisboa, Portugal 187able  How do you know if you accomplished your goal?  Find a way to quickly measure your progress along the way, and an indicator of successful completion.

Achievable –  Is it possible to accomplish this goal?  Take a look at your resources, talents, abilities, time, etc and make sure this is a feasible goal.

Realistic –  Are you really going to follow through on it?  Make your goal align with your passions and your dreams.  Find goals that are of High Emotional Value that you will stick to.

Time-bound –  How long will it take to achieve your new goal?  Give yourself a time frame.  Goals with no time frame attached are rarely accomplished because there is no pressure to get it done.


BAD goal:

Get in shape to fit into my old jeans.

SMART goal:

Fit into my old jeans by losing 8 inches off of my waist by Labor Day.  I will do this by running 5 miles a week and eating under 2500 calories per day during the work week.

By using the SMART method you can create simple goals and greatly increase your probability of success.  Goal setting is not enough, you must take action.  It is through action you will Make Success Happen!.


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