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2106, 2016

Your Fear of Failure/Success is Justified…Kind of.

WHERE DOES FEAR COME FROM AND HOW DO YOU OVERCOME IT? Fear is a primal instinct. Early on, humans developed fear to protect ourselves from the unknown. Fear was necessary for survival. We feared things [...]

1906, 2016

Be Huge!

On this father’s day I want to spend some time reflecting on what makes a dad, dad. Of course A dad cares for you, provides for you, takes care of you. Those are all givens [...]

1406, 2016

Orlando Tragedy Sheds Light on Bigger Problem

Over 100 people shot in Orlando this weekend. 49 of those people are dead. When the sun rose on Florida Sunday morning, there were hundreds of panicked missed phone calls and hearts that bled in [...]

1106, 2016

The Tests Make the Testimony

Every year on January 1st you make yourself a promise. You want to get better. Maybe your physical fitness, maybe become spiritually stronger, maybe you seek financial stability, or maybe you just want to focus [...]

806, 2016

Bad Mood Button

Lets talk about self-destructive behaviors. How often do you do something that you know isn't healthy, either for you body our your spirit, yet you do it anyway? I have to admit, this  post isn't [...]