Over 100 people shot in Orlando this weekend. 49 of those people are dead.

When the sun rose on Florida Sunday morning, there were hundreds of panicked missed phone calls and hearts that bled in sadness at this news. This weekend people lost their friends. This weekend people lost their siblings. This weekend people lost their lovers. This weekend people lost their children.

When Monday comes and goes it settles in a little deeper.

“Top Hat” Eddie wasn’t at the breakfast table today.

Kimberly won’t be cheering on her favorite basketball team during the finals with her friends.

Cory didn’t get the chance to finish college and fight fires.
Darryl isn’t going to get to help students fund their college dreams this fall.

Amanda took her nieces shopping on Saturday morning for the last time.

And many many many more that won’t be with us anymore.

All of these people have families and friends that love them and miss them. They had lives. Young, vibrant beautiful lives that were stripped from them…

and a quick glance and Facebook shows your concern is your own self-righteous trivial agenda.

Orlando memorialIt is disgusting to be on social media today. Everyone has some bullshit political angle or point that they are pushing in the wake of innocent people losing lives.

You’re worried about who is using what bathrooms?

You’re worried about refugees that have no where to go?

You’re  worried about them taking your guns?

You’re worried about people with a different sexual orientation?

You’re worried about how this is going to influence the Presidential race?

You’re worried about how Obama responded?

You’re worried about Muslims and other religions that are not your own?


How dare you be so shallow that you reduce the lives of these 49 people for your own superficial motives. Who are you?

People DIED!  Think about that for a second.  If you woke up this morning and your coworker, friend, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter was dead… You never had another chance to tell them you love them, or get to spend time with them, or feel their touch…you think you would still be worried about this trivial shit?

HELL NO!  You are distracted.  You are so self-centered you can’t see the real problem. What you are really worried about is how this is going to impact your fat-American, ungrateful for the the privilege you have – way of life. Like you cant be troubled with this right now.

Get over yourself.
Orlando memorial 2

We live in a sad culture where we use heartbreaking events to scare one another.  We use these moments to make our own opinion and voice a little louder. To selfishly say, “look at me. This is going to cause a burden in my life.  Poor me.” It is more important for us to talk about these political movements and things that the news shoves down our throats then the real things we should be discussing. That is true terrorism. Distracting us from what is real…

or maybe reintroducing us to what is real – People.

We have become so disengaged and unconcerned with other people. Other human beings. We don’t look them in the eyes in public because they look different. We hate them, even though we have never met them, because their perspective on something is not the same as ours. We don’t smile at people because it’s weird. You know what is weird? The disrespect we show in this country for other human beings.

I don’t care if you are white, black, orange, tall, short, skinny, fat, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, book smart, street smart, rich, poor, or have a dorsal fin growing out of your back; we are all people. We all have loved ones that we care for and that care for us.

We must connect with that again! Some how, some way.

After all of that rant, I am going to be a hypocrite. I am going to push my agenda. I am going to pose a challenge.

I challenge you to look deep inside of your soul. Inspect what you value. What do you hold close to your heart? What really matters to you?

I bet its not your political preference or your guns or your borders. I bet its the people in your life. Your friends, family and loved ones. And if its not, then I really challenge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself what is wrong with you? Where did you lose yourself?

Think if you were to lose someone, how would you feel? What if you saw other people posting the things you have posted? If one of those beautiful people in the your life was taken from YOU would you still feel the same way? Would you post the same things?

Maybe so. I know I wouldn’t. The challenge is to sit down and think about those individuals that were wrongly taken from this world. They were taken because of hate, because we have lost connection and love for our fellow man and woman. Actually think of those lives that will not get to be fully explored.

Sit and morn with the families that lost dearly this weekend. Look to your friends and family. Let them know that you love them and that you are thinking about them, not because of some agenda, but because we are all humans, we are all beautiful, and we are all fragile…

To everyone in my life – I Love You!


If you want to know more about the people that where taken from this world on Saturday you can see a small, small profile on each of them from CNN here.