How many goals have you set for yourself, got excited about, then just let die?

If you are like me it could be in the hundreds.  I have what Buddhist practice calls Monkey Mind.  My brain races with ideas, and it causes me to have a lack of follow through when it comes to achieving goals.  I get started on one thing, only to get distracted with the the next shinny object, before my current task is ever complete.  It has led me to many failures in my personal and professional life.

I know it is a problem for me and for that reason, I have read hundreds of books and taken dozens of workshops. I even, in my current job as a Professional Development Consultant, teach a multitude of goal setting techniques and workshops.  Yet, I still have struggled myself.  Until recently.

You see, all goal setting techniques teach the same principles.  They just brand it something new and then sell it to you in a different box.  All of them teach one foundational element as the cornerstone of goal achievement.  This practice – find your “WHY?”  Why do you want to achieve your goal?  Why do you want change?  The idea here is that if you can find that all elusive “why?” then you are serving a higher purpose and you can work through the hard times of your goals.

Chaing Mai Thaland 2015

Chaing Mai Thaland 2015

Here are my “why’s”

  • My family
  • Financial freedom (Im greedy)
  • Travel
  • Freedom of time
  • ETC.

Sound Familiar?

Of course they do.  Everyone has the same set of “why’s”   Let me be the first to tell you, just having your “why” is not enough.  It is empty and hollow.  It is a facade to show off to your friends at cocktail parties.  It does nothing for YOU.  Which is the major flaw seeing as you are the one setting goals, you are the one working towards goals and you are the one accomplishing goals.

So how do you give the “why” substance for YOU?

You have to attach it to your emotions and feelings.  You have to work towards something that has value to you emotionally.  These are called HIGH EMOTIONAL VALUE GOALS.

You have moments in your life that when recalled give you distinct feelings and memories. When you recall certain events or tell certain stories, you are taken back to a moment in time.  you re-live those feelings, those emotions, the fun, the passion, the laughter, the connection with others.  These moments are valued highly in your emotional bank account.

High Emotional Value Goals tap into those feelings.  They are goals that, when achieved, will allow you to feel those distinct emotions more frequently.  These feeling and emotions are the reason your “why?” exists.  You want to spend more time with your family because of the way they make you feel.  You want financial freedom because of the experiences you can have.  You want to travel because it makes you feel ALIVE!

High Emotional Value Goals are the foundation of goal setting.  If your goals don’t lead to feelings of excitement, passion, or love then you will never see it to fruition.


They will be another ‘shoulda coulda woulda’ notch on your belt.

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