Lets talk about self-destructive behaviors. How often do you do something that you know isn’t healthy, either for you body our your spirit, yet you do it anyway?

I have to admit, this  post isn’t my original thought but, the person I am stealing it from has my number and knows where I live so feel free to contact me! I have to share the idea because it is so true yet so ridiculous.

The Bad Mood Button! When you do something that you know will cause regret. =You know you will be upset with yourself later. You do it anyway you still push that button.

Think of it this way. You just went through the worst break up in the history of the planet. The one where you love the person but hate them at the same time. You are torn because you know it was never going to work but you’re mad that it’s over.

Every time you hear that person’s name or talk to a mutual friend it hits you right in the gut.

You know that break up that I am talking about?

So what is the Bad Mood Button?

The Bad Mood Button is knowing that if you see a picture of this person, it will make you sick to your stomach. So what do you do?  You visit their Facebook page. Boom! gut wrenching.

Well no duh! Dummy! You knew that would happen yet you did it anyway.

Don’t worry, everyone that has been through a break up does this. Not sure why, but you do.

You are knowingly putting yourself in a bad mood. Setting yourself up for failure!


I do it all the time with my marathon training. I know I need to get miles in during the week. I know on Sunday I have a long run I have to get in. But instead of going for a run, I eat a large pizza and take a nap. Then I go through a ritual of self loathing and regret.

I know that I will regret not running and that I will feel bad for procrastinating. I am putting off the work towards my goal.

Do you do this?

Why? What is the purpose? More importantly, can you prevent it?

The simple answer is yes, it can be prevented but first you have to recognize it and be honest with yourself. Why are you hitting that button?  Are you feeding your ego? are you avoiding something because it’s not in alignment with your High Emotional Value Goals? What is the core purpose?

Once you find this you can avoid it. You can hide things from yourself on Facebook. You can schedule your runs and workouts with accountability partners. Once you know what your Bad Mood Button is, you can put yourself in a position to avoid “accidentally” hitting it.

Stop being self-destructive.  Treat yourself like you would treat your child or the love of your life. Would you do something to intentionally hurt them? NO! So stop intentionally hurting yourself.