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Social Mobility

The economic food chain, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those at the top have it easy and get the lions share. Social stratification has been a topic of debate for many generations and especially seems to come to the forefront during election years.  Presidential hopefuls make promises that their policies will better [...]

April 26th, 2016|Comments Off on Social Mobility

Goal Setting 101 – High Emotional Value Goals

How many goals have you set for yourself, got excited about, then just let die? If you are like me it could be in the hundreds.  I have what Buddhist practice calls Monkey Mind.  My brain races with ideas, and it causes me to have a lack of follow through when it comes to achieving [...]

April 17th, 2016|3 Comments

Holding the Roof Up

Accomplishing goals is a daunting task.  We set out to do so and at first it is exciting.  We have a vision of where we want to go. We speak with such passion for this goal.  But how long does that last?  2-3 weeks tops?  We work on our goal of losing weight, starting a business, [...]

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